Our Services

Sophie’s Wash does it all - laundry, dry cleaning, housecleaning, commercial cleaning, and tailoring! No matter your cleaning needs, get in touch so we can handle them!


This is perfect for your daily laundry needs. Garments are washed and returned to you crisply folded.

Your clothes are washed according to the selected preferences, using only hypoallergenic soaps. Whites are bleached if requested. Washing is done in cold or warm water, according to colors. Items are then dried at the proper temperature. Our Wash & Fold service includes separating of whites and colors and premium eco-friendly detergents. For those items that just need to be air dried after a wash cycle, we offer Hang Dry options.

Schedule free pickup and delivery to accommodate your schedule.

Maid Services

Some of our specialty areas include the following:
-Move In / Move Outs
-Spring Cleaning
-Junk Removal
-Inside And Out
-Kitchen Appliances
-Detail Dusting
-One Time Cleanings
-Recurring Cleanings
-Common Area Cleaning
-Bathroom Floors
-Bathtub Cleaning
-Pipeline Cleaning

Dry Cleaning

If there’s a stain on your clothes, it’s our job to remove it. And we don’t charge extra for it! We deliver items dry cleaned, pressed, and returned on a hanger. All of our dry cleaning uses eco-friendly solvents, with free pickup and delivery for our customers.

-Standard – machine wash and machine press: (must be large enough to fit on machine) $2.99
-Dry Clean – Spot treatment, underarm treatment, dry clean cycle $7.99
-Hand Press – machine wash, hand press $5.99
-Pants $7.99
-Blouse $7.99
-Suit $14.99
-Sport jacket $9.99
-Coat $24.99
-Skirt $6.99.
-Dress $13.99
-Sweater $8.99
-Tie $5.99
-Polo $6.99


Whether you are adjusting the hem on a pair of dress slacks or turning your unshapely vintage coat into custom-fitted couture, Sophie’s Care’s talented tailors and seamstresses will make your vision a reality.

Free Up Your Time

Offload all your cleaning and laundry needs on us. Free up your time and get your life back! We look forward to serving you!